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The listings are in no particular order.

May, 2024


Brenda and Bob Polzin for Rockwood 'Rocky' Polzin

Delbert Shoopman, Sr. for Conard Celic

Clyde and Georgie Allard for Phyllis Carter

Pet Memorial

Clyde and Georgie Allard for Little Grey, Pepsi, and Oscar

Sadonna Myers for Sparky

April, 2024


Jeanette Wollert for Donna Thompson

Pet Memorial

Wendy Lawrence for Rookie

January, 2024


For Rockwood "Rocky" Polzin by

- Tara Morisette

- Iona Shea, Eileen Shea and Mary Stowe

- Rockwood "Rocky" Polzin family

- Pamela Laureto

- Sharol Ross

For Phyllis Carter by

- Sharon Eads

- Peggy Plumb

Marcia June for Gregg Evans

Pet Memorial

Nancy Shayna for Riley

Sheryn Briggs for Bella

For Kaiser by

- the Myers Family

- Shelley Isaacson

Shelley Isaacson for Maggie

Debra Williams for Josh, Abby, Dora

December, 2023


Kathy Hayes for Phyllis Carter

Vickie and Tom Buford for Gordon and Yvonne Latimer

Pet Memorial

Scott Bright for Jase

Susan Walton for Chance, the Wonder Dog

Terry Wilson for best friend Gabby

Joan and John Ferrell for Miss Tortie

Jeannette Keskes for Chopper and Dude

Edith Campbell for Polo

Cheryl DuShane for Evie Anne

Pam Emergy for Maggie

Joyce Yarnevich for all our 8 loving dogs, alive and past

September, 2023


Robert Teunion for Lois Teunion

August, 2023

Pet Memorial

Shelley Isaacson for Maggie Sue  

Pam Emery for all of her dear rescues

July, 2023


Janice Martin for Elaine Wright

Pet Memorial

Sadonna Myers for Snickers

Shelley Isaacson for Snickers

Wendy Lawrence for Barney

June, 2023


Barb and Jerry Bowyer for Lois Teunion

Pet Memorial

Suzanne Maxwell for Claire

Mary and John Kaye for all animals

Sylvia Kosciolek for Annie and Teddy

Shelley Isaacson for Molly and Maizie Blue

Toby and Russ Pintacura for Stormy

April, 2023

Pet Memorial

Shelley Isaacson for Cooper (grand dog) and Izzy (grand dogger)

March, 2023

Pet Memorial

Gail Burleson for Cici (loving pet of Alex Burleson)

February, 2023


Key-Lore Pet Rest Gardens for Helen Kraft (heavenly 98 birthday)

Pet Memorial

Steven Shapiro for Brady

January, 2023


Barb Bowyer for Phyllis Carter

For Dennis "Doc" Pinkston by

Brenda and Dale Grey

Diane and Thomas Baker

Nancy and Tommy Earley

Clark and Robert Sullivan

Deanna and Steven Sullivan

Lorna and Raymond Green

Elaine Sharp

Steven Long and Wayne Dorman

Brenda and Harry Kerlin

Loretta and Charles Rolfes

Rebecca and Robert July

Linda Todorow

Renee and Valdis Vitols

Monica Genovesi

Sedlarik Family

Christie Winget and Bill and Mary Jane Pinkston

Tam and Debby Lintz

Dorothy and Jon Ward

Donna and Russ Pinkston

Norma and John Wracan

Laura and John Chambless

Deanna Anderson

Nicole and Donald Stilson

Shirley Smela

James Furness

December, 2022


Peggy Schmidt for her mom, Frances Yates

Robert Teunion for Lois Teunion

Peggy Plumb for Phyllis Carter

For Dennis 'Doc' Pinkston by

Sherry Conrad

Connie Olger

Susan Swan

Geney Dubois

Bright Family

Joan and John Ferrell

Pet Memorial

Pam Emery for Mom and Madonna

Sue Walton for Chance the Wonderdog

Diana Koviack for Tia, Mia, Smokey, Kitty

Sylvia Kosciolek for Annie and Teddy

Tracy Leblang for Bruno (a CARE rescue 2009)

Georgie and Clyde Allard for Little Grey, Pepsi and Oscar

Cheryl Briggs for Rosebud

Nancy Hall for Roxy

Pet Honorarium

Vickie and Tom Buford in honor of all my furbabies

Joyce Yarnevich for Babes, adopted from abuse/neglect

October, 2022

Pet Memorial

For Gracie

by Angela and Jesse Martinez

by Aaron Rossman

by Peggy and Mike Vaughn

September, 2022

Pet Memorial

For sweet Gracie:

by Sharol Ross

by Julie and Bill Kelly

by Donna Polzin

August, 2022


Vickie Buford for Yvonne Latimer

June, 2022


For Alan Branham 

by Vicki Davis

by Donna Makidon 

May, 2022


For Alan Branham

by Pamela and Ronald Haldy

by Liz and Bruce Gage

Marchelle and Timm Allen for Alan Branham

For Alan Branhan, a devoted and caring CARE member

by Peggy Vaughn

by Pam Laureto

by Donna Polzin

by Sharol Ross

April, 2022


Vicki Davis for Roxanne Miller

March, 2022


For Roxanne Miller

by Donna Polzin

by Sharol Ross

by Peggy Vaughn

Veda Balla for Margot Pfieffer

January, 2022


Toby and Russ Pintacura for John Kruck

Jeanine Smith for Betty White

Kimmi Drewanz and Mary Christian for Betty White

Sherry Conrad for Betty White

Barb Bowyer for Phyllis Carter

Childs Veterinary Clinic, P. C. for Betty White

Catherine J. Vergison for Betty White

Catherine J. Vergison for David, Margaret, and Charles

Pet Memorial

Sherry Conrad for Diesel, Hilda, Harry, and Matilda

Sondra Coon for Ike

Joan Ferrell for Miss Sassy

Mary Kay and Scott Bright for Jase

Sylvia M. Kosciolek for Annie

Georgie and Clyde Allard for Little Grey, Pepsi, Oscar


December, 2021


Cheryl Du Shane for Barbara Woodruff

Peggy Plumb for Phyllis Carter

Pet Memorial

Vickie and Tom Buford for Missy and Pirate

Gregory Hines for Maddie the Boxer, one year gone


November, 2021


Robert Teunion for Lois Teunion


September, 2021

Pet Honorarium

Michael Shayna for Buddy


August, 2021

Pet Honorarium

Kathleen George for Raffi's first birthday


July, 2021

Pet Memorial

Key-Lore/Pet Rest Garden In memory of all the pets who graced our doors in June 

June, 2021


Peggy Plumb for Phyllis Carter

Kathy Hayes for Phyllis Carter

Georgie and Clyde Allard for Phyllis Carter

Pet Memorial

Wendy Lawrence for Lily Belle

Diana Koviack for Mia, Smokey, Kitty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Polzin, Jr. for Sunshine

Pet Honorarium

Toby Jane Pintacura for Zoey Kitty

Joyce Nichols for Lupine and Muffin

April, 2021


Larry and Shelley Isaacson for Raymond Goodfellow


Nancy Shayna for Sharol Ross

Pet Memorial

Karen and Jerry Whitacre for Cookie

March, 2021


Key-Lore/Pet Rest Gardens for Bill Keillor

February, 2021


Edith Campbell for Phyllis Carter

Pet Memorial

Pat DuBarry for Radar


Barbara McCartin for Oliver and Vincent

January, 2021


Maxine Hackley for Keven Fredenbur

Pet Memorial

Karen and Jerry Whitacre for Peppy (Srock)

Pam Emery for "all my colony cats"

Sue Walton for Chance the Wonder Dog

Diana Koviack for Smokey, Mia, and Kitty

Ann Broekhuizen for Tuttle

Vickie and Tom Buford for Gilligan and Angel

Brenda Moulton for Phil and Lil (adopted from CARE long ago)

Janet Myers for Missy and Tuppence

Jeri Thomas for Cowboy

Greogory Hines for Millie, "my Boxer, my friend"

Rosemary Lane for Clyde

Gail and John Burleson and Maureen Dormire for Trouble

December, 2020

People Memorial

Phyllis Carter

By Georgie and Clyde Allard

By Sharon Foster

By Peggy Plumb

By Shirley Wilkins

Janice E. Martin for Dorothy Leighton

Pat DuBarry for Paul Manyctt

Christmas Honorarium

Lloyd Walker for Margaret Merchun

Pet Memorial

Cheryl DuShane for Mindy (2002-2020) "a good ol' dog"

Pet Honorarium

Nancy L. Shayna for Buddy and Riley


November, 2020


Sharol Ross for Eleanor Stoutenburg


August, 2020

Pet Memorial

Ann Schlenker for Terri


July, 2020


Donna and Rockwood Polzin for Rhonda Jenkins

Peggy and Mike Vaughn for Rhonda Jenkins

Pet Memorial

Mary and John Kaye for Lily

May, 2020


Priscilla A. Allmon for Phyllis Carter

Jeri Thomas for Phyllis Carter


Felicia Lawcock for Phyllis Carter

Joan and John Ferrell for Judy Schmier (long time cat foster in Mesa, AZ)

Pet Memorial

Vickie and Tom Buford for Katie-Mart

Pet Honorarium

Toby Pintacura for Zoey Jane Kitty

March, 2020


In memory of Phyllis Carter by:

  • Sadonna and Larry Myers
  • Nancy and Dennis Mizell
  • Darlene and Tim Stevenson
  • Peggy Plumb
  • Barbara and Gerald Bowyer
  • Cheryl and Gurdon Hobson
  • Kathleen Hayes
  • Shelley and Larry Isaacson

Shirley and Larry Wilkins for Phyllis Carter

Barbara McCartin for Brian McCartin

Pet Memorial

Karen and Jerry Whitacre for Syther

February, 2020


In memory of Phyllis Carter by

  • Kathy Carrithers
  • Bobbie Anderson
  • Fred Bondesen

Pet Memorial

Joanne Gerow for Farley/Ketty

January, 2020


In memory of Phyllis Carter by

  • Kathleen Rapacz
  • Pets In Peril
  • Kathy S. Trout

Pet Memorial

Karen and Jerry Whitacre for Purdy

Janet Myers for Missy and Tuppy

Dawn and Steve Shapiro for Brady

December, 2019


Gail and George Hester for Helen Heuer

Kristin and Gary Moore for Merri Smith


Kathy Hayes for Phyllis Carter

Pet Memorial

Kathleen George for Jesse

Julie and Bill Kelly for Hoover

Pam Emery for Thomas

Judith Hovey for Lucas

Pet Honorarium

Toby Jane and Russ Pintacura for Zoey Jane Kitty

Joan Ferrell for Sassy and Tortie

November, 2019

Pet Memorial

Maxine Hackley for Shadow

October, 2019

Pet Memorial

Donna Polzin for Pryia Polzin

September, 2019


In memory of Steve Pace by

  • Donna and Rockwood Polzin
  • Donna Makidon
  • Peggy Vaughn
  • Vicki Davis
  • Sharol Ross

Pet Memorial

Mr. and Mrs. Michael June for Duke

Donna and Rockwood Polzin for grandkitty Nikita Ridley-Polzin

August, 2019

Pet Memorials

Vickie and Tom Buford for Charlie

July, 2019


Dr. D. B. Pinkston for Donna Thompson

June, 2019


Carole Miklovic for Bruce Dunton

Sandy South for Tony Kane

Pet Memorial

Janice Martin for Megan and Heather

Shelley and Larry Isaacson for Bandit

Susan Walton for Chance The Wonder Dog

Joyce S. Yarnevich for Babe (birthday July 1, 1999)

Barbara McCartin for Beta

Janet and Tom Dunn for Lucy

March, 2019


Barbara McCartin for Brian McCartin

Maxine Hackley for Keven Fredenburg

Pet Memorials

Gregory A. Hynes for S'ally, Maggie & Millie

Karen and Jerry Whitacre for Little Girl

February, 2019


Gail and George Hester for Helen Heuer

Joyce Nichols for Joel Nichols

In memory of Frank Laureto by

  • Vicki Davis
  • Donna Makidon
  • Donna Polzin
  • Sharol Ross
  • Kim Thomas
  • Peggy Vaughn

January, 2019


Margot Pfeiffer for Darrell Conley

Pet Memorial

Linda Jordan Hill for Lucky Hill

Sylvia Kosciolek for Sandy

Margot Pfeiffer for April

December, 2018


Clyde and Georgie Allard and Ebony for Tom Lamberson

Linda M. Bacon for Sonia J. Newland

Pet Memorial

Mary and John Srda for Rexann

Pam Emergy for Polly and Felix

Keith DeWitt for Andrew

Gail Fielder for Bailey

Vickie Buford for Jasper Riley

Julie and William Kelly for Hoover

September, 2018


Linda Bacon in honor of Sonia J. Newland

Pet Memorial

Sadonna and Larry Myers in memory of Bandit

Phyllis Carter in memory of Bandit

August, 2018


Peggy and Mike Vaughn in memory of Tom Smothers

Pet Memorial

Carol Miller in memory of Peepers and Bubeau

Pet Honorarium

Carol Miller in honor of their lives Toula and Marvin

July, 2018

Pet Memorial

Marcia June in memory of Abby

June, 2018


Barbara McCartin in memory of Dr. Brian McCartin

Pet Memorial

Sue Walton in memory of Honey and Poppy

Joyce Yarnevich in memory of Nate

Joyce Nichols in memory of Boo

Kathleen A. Welsh in memory of Daisy Spring

Mary Behil in memory of Smokey

May, 2018

Pet Memorial

Sharol Ross in memory of Hoover

March, 2018


Phyllis Carter in memory of Bob Carter

Phyllis Carter in memory of William Brooks

February, 2018


Phyllis Carter in memory of Gary Sullivan

January, 2018

Pet Memorial

Judith Hovey in memory of Riley, Cooper, and Jema

Susan Walton in memory of Chance, the wonder dog

Jane Forbes in memory of "Freddie Mercury" Forbes (15 years)

Pam Emery in memory of Nicholas

December, 2017


Jeanette Wollert in memory of Donna Thompson

Renee and Molly in memory of Vera and George Nanasy

In memory of our friend and long-time CARE member, Donna Thompson

  • Kimberly Thomas
  • Linda Pohly and Alan Branham
  • Christina Moon
  • Donna and Rocky Polzin
  • Donna Makidon
  • Pamela Laureto
  • Sharol Ross
  • Peggy and Mike Vaughn

Ken McRae in memory of Donna Thompson

In memory of Lillian McTiernan

  • Phyllis Carter
  • Kathleen Hayes

Maxine Hackley in memory of Keven Fredenburg

Pet Memorial

Kathleen A. Welsh in memory of Lily May

Cheryn Briggs in memory of Teddy Bear

Janet Myers in memory of Missy and Tuppence

Sadonna Myers in memory of Lexie

Jonnie Shumaker in memory of Bootsie

Pet Honorarium

Joan and John Ferrell to honor Sassy and Tortie

November, 2017


In memory of Donna Thompson

  • Mary Anne and Thomas E. Call
  • Sharon and Norman Hardin
  • Phyllis Carter
  • Marsha and Frederick Kump
  • Dawne and Paul Labrecque
  • Ruthanne and Michael Cantor
  • Dr. D.B. and Karen Pinkston
  • Sharon and Basil Burrows, Jr.
  • Gail and Norman Bean
  • Carol and John Jackson
  • Dean McCracken
  • Justin Shumacher

October, 2017


Joyce Nichols in memory of Joel Nichols

Pet Honorarium

Susan Goering in honor of Biscuit because he's such a wonderful cat and friend

July, 2017

Pet Memorial

Vickie and Tom Pabst in memory of Cherry (Wascha)

June, 2017


Phyllis Carter in memory of Bob Carter

Pet Memorial

Michelle O'Connor in memory of Gizmo

Gail Bean in memory of Little Bonnie

February, 2017


Phyllis Carter in memory of Beverly Nichols

Sheri M. Mamero in memory of Charmian Miller

January, 2017


Bob Yaklin in memory of Sandy Yaklin

Pat DuBarry in memory of Ben Klatt

Pat DuBarry in memory of Richard "Smitty" Smith

Agnes Dunn in memory of Ben Klatt

Pet Memorial

Jonnie C. Shumaker in memory of Bootsie

Helen Mitru in memory of Suki, Tisza, Mitzy

Nancy Shayna in memory of Chance

Keith DeWitt in memory of Conner and Toby